Aerated water treatment plants

Our AQUAmax Aerated Waste Water Treatment plants have been designed for large scale commercial, residential and industrial applications.

The water treatment plant uses batch reactors (SBR) technology which is a type of activated sludge process for the treatment of wastewater. SBR reactors treat wastewater such as sewage or output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities in batches.

These systems are designed based on the particular conditions of the application required and come in a variety of layouts depending on the constraints of the project design.

The Halgan Environmental AQUAmax AWTS can be designed in single or multiple tank solutions using Primary Treatment Chambers, Secondary Treatment Chambers, Buffer Chambers, SBR Treatment Chambers, Disinfection chambers and clean water storage chambers. These chambers can vary in volume and design. They feature feed pumps, sludge return pumps, SBR treatment via surface or base aeration, clear water discharge pumps and UV disinfection via lamps.

The system is suitable for almost all kinds of wastewater and can be tailored for specific pollutant discharge targets, depending on the expected pollutant loading received by the system


• SBR technology
• Pumps to transfer fluid in between chambers
• Blower/compressor feeding diffusers to
deliver oxygen to the system
• Bacterial activity to reduce pollutants
• Reduction of BOD5, TSS and E. Coli
• Reduction of TN and TP
• UV disinfection system, pH correction dosing,
phosphate precipitation and additional
filtration are additional optional features
• System is calculated for specific effluent
pollutant targets
• Control panel
• High level alarm to prevent overflowing
• Economy mode if the system is not used at
full capacity
• Retrofit alternative into existing tanks


• Domestic and Municipal wastewater
• Bakeries
• Abattoirs
• Breweries
• Catering and hospitality
• Dairy and fisheries’ industry
• Camping sites
• Nursing homes and hospitals
• Biogas plants

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