Up-Flo Filter®

The Up-Flo Filter® is a multi-stage stormwater treatment system that combines sedimentation and screening with filtration to provide the necessary pollution removal for surface water. The design enables ease of adaptation to various catchment areas, and each device consists of an array of modules that are configurable to suit various council stormwater treatment requirements.

Advantages include

  • Combines sedimentation, screening and filtration into one structure
  • Upflow fluidized bed technology prevents clogging of filter media – lower maintenance
  • Economical and simple process for replacement and maintenance of filter cartridges and media bags
  • High flow bypass siphoning system for trapping hydrocarbons, oils and litter
  • Higher loading rates resulting in smaller treatment footprint

Sizing for the Up-Flo Filter® is determined by design flow rates to meet a water quality treatable flow rate. The treatable flow rate for each individual filter module is 1.6L/s.

Halgan supplies a variety of designs for the Up-Flo Filter®, catering for: variable depths to invert, required treatable flow rates, WSUD MUSIC Modelling requirements.

The Up-Flo Filter® is also frequently paired with the Halgan GPT, First Defense® or Downstream Defender® for best practice and results.

  • Removal of sediment, nutrients and heavy metals from runoff stormwater
  • Source control for redevelopment or new construction projects
  • Suitable for carparks, industrial hardstand areas, residential sub-divisions, municipal roadways, existing urban catchments, upstream or wetland/river discharge
  • Treatment downstream of Water Quality Volume detention systems
  • Water Sensitivity Urban Design Projects (WSUD)

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