Gross Pollutant Trap Devices

Are you looking for gross pollutant trap suppliers you can trust to provide the highest quality devices for your wastewater treatment needs? At Halgan Environmental, our range of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) is designed to remove particles greater than 1mm with excellent efficacy. These make use of vortex separation technology via our Continuous Separation Screen (CSS), which enables efficient treatment of sediment, gross pollutants and hydrocarbons.

Our unique and proven gross pollutant trap design conveys pollutants and sediment to the storage sump and retains buoyant material within the central chamber, whilst ensuring the screen remains unobstructed during peak events. Subject to water quality objectives, there are numerous models within our GPT range. In the absence of buoyant material, other GPT models without the inclusion of the CSS are available when suspended solids and heavy sediments are the target pollutants.

Our gross pollutant trap can get the job done to your satisfaction, ensuring that your restaurant or other business continues to operate efficiently. They boast a lightweight design as the tank is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring cost effective freight and installation when compared to concrete alternatives. Other features include:

  • Continuous Separation Screening (CSS) – Vortex Separator
  • Multiple pipe inlets of numerous orientations
  • In-line or off-line applications
  • High flow by-pass
  • Hydrocarbon baffle

In addition to designing and installing the best gross pollutant trap devices, we’re also capable of carrying out gross pollutant trap maintenance. We can come to your business, take a look at your trap, and restore it to optional condition. We pride ourselves on being extremely thorough and efficient when it comes to gross pollutant trap cleaning and maintenance.

Our gross pollutant trap is renowned for its premium specifications which include:

  • Treatable flow rates up dependant on requirements
  • High density, light weight polyethylene tanks
  • Pipe sizes ranging up to 630mm

Our gross pollutant trap can be used for a variety of purposes and applications, including:

  • Commercial, industrial and residential development
  • Infill and redevelopment
  •  Retrofit
  •  Car parks
  •  Shopping precincts
  •  Pre-treatment for reuse systems

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