Commercial & Industrial Pump Systems

Removing sewage and transporting it to processing sites is no easy task. It requires pumping stations to pump the effluent from one place to another where it can be treated and reused or disposed of in a responsible manner. Commercial and industrial pump solutions are a necessity for businesses and industrial sites that generate large quantities of waste, a great range of which is available at Halgan Environmental. You can trust us to design and manufacture commercial or industrial pump systems that suit your needs.

Features, Specifications & Applications of Our Industrial & Commercial Pump Systems

Our commercial and industrial pump stations come in multiple sizes and configurations. From 8,000 to 20,000 litres in a vertical configuration through to 30,000+ litres in a horizontal configuration, we have stations suitable for stormwater pumping, sewer pumping, grease pumping and other applications. Additionally, we offer dual or triplex packaged stations factory fitted with control panels and alarms. Our experts will ensure you get the correct size and model for your site-specific application.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

The management of waste and stormwater has a huge impact on the health of our environment. The team at Halgan Environmental never underestimates the importance of supporting eco-friendly urban design and creating a more sustainable future. That’s why we design and manufacture commercial pump systems and other equipment to hold, release, collect and treat waste and stormwater before it contaminates ecosystems and harms everything dependent on them. Our research and development team regularly works with local authorities and educational research institutions to expand our range and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting the changing needs of industry and the environment.

Australian Parts, Labour & Manufacturing

We differentiate ourselves from other providers of stormwater and rainwater pumps by producing and manufacturing our products in Australia using Australian parts and labour. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be supporting the local and national economy when choosing to work with us. Additionally, we’re dedicated to maintaining and servicing our waste and stormwater infrastructure so it’s always working at optimal condition and delivering the best possible environmental outcomes.

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