Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Businesses tend to produce large quantities of wastewater as a by-product of their operations. This effluent needs to be treated so that it can be reused or released safely. The commercial wastewater treatment systems from Halgan Environmental can do just that. Our products are fully capable of removing soils, oils and greases, organics, acids and alkalis, and toxic materials from wastewater.

Aerated Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants & More

We proudly offer the best commercial wastewater treatment plants. Our AQUAmax Aerated Waste Water Treatment Plant is designed for large scale applications, including bakeries, breweries, dairy and fisheries’ industries, nursing homes and hospitals, catering and hospitality, and more. These use advanced technology and cutting-edge features to treat sewage and output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities. You can choose from a range of single or multi tank configurations to suit your project, plus our plants can also be tailored for specific pollutant discharge targets.

Supporting Eco-Friendly Urban Design

Environmentally friendly urban design has never been more important as the shift towards a more efficient and sustainable future continues to gain momentum. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the industry by working with local authorities and educational research institutions on a regular basis, enabling our research and development team to continually innovate and expand our range with current industry and environmental needs in mind. We endeavour to develop, adopt and implement the best management practices, ensuring improved environmental outcomes for all.

Australian Made Water Treatment Products

If you’re looking for equipment capable of holding, releasing, collecting and treating wastewater and stormwater, the solutions available at Halgan Environmental are a cut above the rest. We produce and manufacture commercial wastewater treatment systems right here in Australia. Our team is proud to support the national economy by using Australian parts and labour as opposed to offshoring processes overseas for the sake of profits. The same is true for our end-to-end services. You can trust that all design assistance, maintenance and servicing of our infrastructure is based in Australia and upholds the highest standards.

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