Rainwater Tanks – Aqua 204

Rainwater tanks are a source of domestic and commercial water supply, that can significantly reduce demand on mains/drinking water supplies. Harvested rainwater has many uses and applications subject to appropriate treatment including, flushing toilets, irrigation, wash bays and many more.

The Halgan Environmental Rainwater Tanks – Aqua 204 collects stormwater run-off from impervious surfaces such as roofs and hardstands. The Aqua 204 Series can be an effective addition when considering Water Sensitive Design (WSUD) principals and assist in achieving development water quality objectives (WQOs).

The Aqua 204 is a twin walled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) unit which is robust, lightweight and can hold volumes up to 52,500 litres of rainwater. Installed with overflow outlet ensures inflow above capacity can return to trunk drainage system. These tanks are designed to take the weight of 11.5 tonne axle load limit when all installation conditions are adhered to. The product material is of food grade quality and can be utilised for drinking water applications when installed with the correct disinfection equipment.

  • Lightweight – Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene HDPE
  • Ensuring cost effective freight and ease of installation
  • Sizes up to 52,500 litres
  • Robust twin wall design
  • Food grade safe material suitable for many reuse applications
  • Various connection sizes from 100mm to 630mm
  • Multiple pipe penetrations and manhole’s locations available upon request
  • Tanks can be installed in series lengthways or side by side using balance pipes to increase capacity
  • Harvesting & Reuse
  • Retention tanks
  • Detention tanks

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