First Defense® High Capacity

The First Defense® High Capacity is a stormwater treatment device that combines a high-capacity stormwater treatment chamber with an integral peak flow bypass to efficiently capture and remove pollutants. Through its enhanced vortex separation, sediment total suspended solids, litter and hydrocarbons are removed from stormwater runoff without washing out previously stored and captured pollutants.

Advantages include

  • Pre-assembled to facilitate ease of installation
  • Integral high-capacity bypass diverts large peak flows without the requirement for offline systems
  • Enhanced vortex separation generating a long flow path to ensure capture and retention of pollutants

The First Defense® High Capacity is available in multiple model configurations and sizes, and customizable to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes and peak flows.

Sizing for the First Defense® High Capacity is determined by design flow rates to meet a water quality treatable flow rate. Each device has a maximum treatable flow rate and a maximum peak flow rate.

Halgan supplies a variety of designs for the First Defense® High Capacity, catering for: variable depths to invert, required treatable flow rates, WSUD MUSIC Modelling requirements.

The First Defense® High Capacity is also frequently paired with the Up-Flo Filter® for best practice and results.

  • Stormwater runoff treatment at the point of entry into the drainage line
  • Pretreatment for filters (Up-Flo Filter®), infiltration and storage
  • Water Sensitivity Urban Design Projects (WSUD)

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