The Enviropod™  is an easy to install and operate, pretreatment device that removes gross pollutants, debris and other associated nutrients and pollutants. It comes in varying sizes and is most practical for retrofits, requiring no alterations to the drainage

The patented design reduces the energy of inflowing water to capture total suspended solids (TSS) in the basket and sump below and the full capture of gross pollutants.

Before installing a Envirpod™, the catch basin needs to be assessed and measured to gauge suitability. It has design flexibility with a range of sizes to fit most grate inlets and stormwater pits, and comes in a variety of configurations. It has flexibility using simple to use seal kits allows for professional and high-performance installations.

As Australia’s leading stormwater gully trap, the Enviropod™ can be used where there is high-capacity pollutant storage and where storage of captured dry gross pollutants is required.

It offers superior pollutant removal with high hydraulic efficiency and includes four lifting handles on the basket – designed for safety. The basket is lightweight so can be lifted by hand.

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